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Games are fun and we want to have fun building them, we have worked on simple Puzzle games and more complex online Social Games for some of the industry's leading companies.



Our developers have helped build some of the webs amazing social games.



We have specialist Unity 3D developers at hand for complex multi-player projects.



We can help in the design and graphics for your game, or bring ideas to help evolve your concept.



Of course we take our development seriously but games are fun and we want to have fun building them.



We can tailor the game feature release to cater for tight budgets with Agile cycles and rapid iterations.

Get your Social RPG Game online with our methodical development strategies catering for regular feature releases

About our Services

We have provided developers to work on some of the webs exciting social games for the industries giants' such as Zoomumba and Fantasyrama. In the past we were more specialized in Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash gaming, developing advanced ActionScript games for the Flash Browser plugin and AIR Desktop.

As the technologies on the internet advanced and HTML 5 was born our focus for online gaming is now driven more by the HTML 5 Canvas and JavaScript programming Language when working with 2D Perspective Games or the powerful Unity 3D for high end 3D Games.

Game Character Design

Our illustrators and 3D modellers can create unique and detailed characters for your game.

Game character design
Any Type of Game

We are happy to build any type of game within ethical boundaries, our games can be Web based or compiled for Mobile App store deployed, Unity 3D Game development focus has been primarily web based however we have scope for more involvement in console based gaming platforms.

Kitesurf Champion - HTML Game created with Phaser 3Drag Race Alley, Car racing Game created with Phaser 3
Strategies and technology

Our game development methodologies are in line with our standard company strategies for Agile Development, Social gaming and the captivation of the user does necessitate faster development and feature release cycles. Agile sprints dependant on the scale of feature implementation would generally be reduced to weekly sprints, allowing for rapid deployments which would be done at the end of the QA cycle for the Sprint.

Frameworks and Software

For Web based games we can either build Vanilla Games using HTML Canvas or WebGL, an approach we would adopt for more straightforward games. More complex games requiring game physics would be built using Phaser 3 Game Engine.

Phonegap mobile application development

Mobile based game apps would be build if complex and requiring exceptional rendering using Unity 3D or CoronaLabs.

Unity 3D mobile game developmentCoronaLabs Lua mobile game development
What you need

You as the customer can decide what key role you would like your Impela team to work in, would it be the overall management of the game, the development of the functional code or more conceptual idea evolution.

The flexibility we offer provides you with the means to utilize our skills for as long as you need, we can come on board for a week, a month or the entire duration of the project.

Gamification For eLearning

An interesting trend that has appeared over the years is the Gamification of interactions and assessments within eLearning Digital Products. We can implement this strategy within our Learning Products, read more about our eLearning Development Solutions, or read our blog article on Learning Management Systems.

Example Games

Below is a sample of the types of games we have created, from simple puzzle and quiz games, to complex interactive social games.

game developmentgame developmentgame developmentgame development servicessocial game developmentelearning game design
Call Us and Discuss

Discuss your gaming project with one of consultants, they will be happy to talk about the general project life cycles, lead times based on information supplied, expectations, Statements of Work and other information regarding projects, gaming, our development strategies and deployment cycles.