Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we are asked about our design and development services.

How much do you charge for websites?

Unfortunately, there are no fixed costs for web site development services given every web site is different, we calculate pricing based on the features to be implemented within the web site and the hours required to create these features. We do enforce rigid development practices to ensure there are no hours wasted and budgets can be maximised.

What if we do not like the web designs you have created?

We always work closely with our customers when designing branding and web sites and apps, your satisfaction is paramount to our mission statement. We will not simply throw designs at you hoping you will like them, we generally have many discussion surrounding your expectations, preferences and requirements.

How long does it take to build an application?

There is no fixed amount of time allocated for the creation of an application or web site since the requirements for these vary considerably. Generally, with projects we estimate the time required based on the least number of developers working on the project. Fundamentally we can increase team sizes to meet tighter deadlines, if need be, this does however increase development costs.

What if there are bugs in my application?

If there is a valid bug found in the application or product delivered by Impela that is within the scope of the original specifications, then it is fixed. The priority level for bugs would be dependent on the bug severity and the impact on user experience.

What is Responsive Design?

This is where we build a web site or web application so that it will resize and the elements within are potentially reorganized into a more optimized layout based on the current screen dimensions. Responsive design has always existed but it became an emphasis and crucial to web design practices when the mobile market emerged and users were utilizing devices with an array of screen sizes.

What is a Repository?

We store our code in what is called a repository, we utilize Atlassian Bitbucket server for this purpose. It allows us to store the code in a secure location accessible to all developers on the project and keep revision control and track changes in the code.

What if I need to make updates to my web site or application?

In this situation it would be dependent on the nature of the update, if you are using the Composa content management system then you would be able to update website content from that location.

If you require updates to features, graphics designs or other assets then you would need to let us know and we could make the changes for you. In some instances, we may not charge additional fees if there is minimal effort involved.

Who owns the code you create?

Any code created specifically for a customer belongs to the customer once payment has been received. We do however use our own frameworks, libraries and utility files which are the property of Impela Ltd. and are offered as part of a licence for use in your application/website. In some instances we may use a 3rd party framework such as Angular, Vue or ReactJS, these libraries and any other we may use belong to the respective authors.

Do I own the designs?

Yes, we create designs for you, once all payments are received then you are the full owner of the designs. We do not use 3rd party templates in any of the work created at Impela unless requested by a client.

Do you build WordPress Websites?

We do have access to Word Press developers, but it is not our primary focus since we generally build more custom bespoke applications delivered for performance. If you have a word press site that you would like built then please feel free to let us know.