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Our training is geared towards project teams that have complex features to implement yet lack the experience and time to research solutions. We work as part of your team ensuring your project is developed and your team experience enhanced simultaneously.



Our trainers have years of experience teaching University level students.



We can help you learn new programming skills as you develop the project you are working on.



We are always happy to answer questions and offer guidance.



We will advance your knowledge.

Let us devise a training course based around your project needs, learn while you meet your delivery requirements

Our Training Services

We offer teaching and training in the technologies that we utilize and standards that we adopt, if you wish to enhance the skills of your team then we can tailor modules and courses to suit your requirements. Our experience stems from University and our trainers have been lecturers and academic professionals together with vast commercial wisdom making them strong energies for knowledge transference.

We can offer fast track training and development courses in specific languages or strategies to help your team quick start your projects, we can provide extended support or jump in as development leads to ensure the project gets up and running without delay. Some examples may be courses in PHP, JavaScript Application development, Object Orientated Architecture or Strategies for application development.

The following lists the modules that we provide with our training services.

Application Architecture (OOP)

Our application architecture training module is a generic module dealing with application development principles, strategies for structuring your applications, programming paradigms that could be used and technologies that facilitate development on desktop, mobile and the internet.

The knowledge gained from this module can be transferred to any programming language, whilst the examples used in the module will utilize JavaScript, PHP and Ruby, the core understanding can be used with other languages such as Java, C, C++, Python amongst others.

Advanced PHP Development

This module is centred on advanced PHP (Hyper Text Pre-processor) development, it takes an in depth look at the available frameworks to help speed up production like Zend and Symphony.

Advanced Ruby Development

Ruby is one of the most robust and easy to learn languages available, it has the capacity for multi-threading and offers means by which applications, web sites and other media can be created. This module focuses on Ruby as a raw developer and whilst it may introduce Ruby on Rails, the popular framework for Ruby Development, the elements taught are based around building and implementing a custom Ruby framework.

Advanced JavaScript Development

One of the most misunderstood and misused languages around, the single threaded prototypal language that dominates the AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) presence on the internet. This module looks at functional, structured and object orientated paradigms when working with JavaScript. Providing insight and tips for efficient JavaScript development, compression and optimisation. It will also introduce pre-processor languages such as TypeScript and CoffeeScript, allowing fast recompilation into older versions and the newer ES6.

Responsive Design and Development

This module deals with what is known as responsive design and development, given the availability of an array of mobile devices, tables and wide screen desktops, ensuring the content fits, flows and is usable can be a challenging aspect of web development. There will be detailed look into CSS3 new features, Media Queries for position adjustment and general concepts involved in the production of responsive content.

Project Start-up and Training Sessions

If you have a specific project that you wish developed in a specific technology that your team only has minimal experience with, we can help start the project by offer development and training services back to back. Whilst your application is being built, your staff receive the training they may need to continue on with the development once the core elements have been created. Saving your company time and money.