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Your Approach
and Work Specifics

At our agency, we have a unique approach to web design and development. We believe in creating websites that not only look great but also perform well in terms of user experience, functionality, and search engine optimization.



We are passionate about research and are heavily involved in eLearning standards.



We have built and helped build eLearning products for schools and corporations.



If needed we have access to Learning Architects to help shape the course content.



If we set a schedule then we meet it, we understand adoption cycles and the need to present efficient formidable products.

Our Learning Object Development is bespoke and our production strategies are geared towards ensuring deliveries for large adoption cycles. We support the industry standards both modern and legacy to ensure the courses can be deployed on the diverse selection of Learning Management Systems.

Advanced Interactions and professionally designed activities to ensure your course material is conveyed with clarity

About our Solutions

There has been an explosion over the last decade in the use of eLearning applications for teaching and training, the level and complexity of interactions lends to no end and the diversity required for distribution of educational media to different age groups is immense.

We can build educational learning media for Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, University Under and Post Graduates or Corporate entities in all forms and fashions. Interactions could include multiple choice quizzes, text entries, drag and drop scenarios, click to show, slide to show, video playback, audio playback, interactive drawing, interactive animations, scoring, assessments, grading of user inputs, persistence of user data and a host of offer features and functionality.

Read one of our research articles on eLearning Standards & Learning Management Systems to gain more insight into the complexities surrounding eLearning publishing

Companies that have used our Skills

Some of the companies for which we have created or supplied developers to create eLearning courses for.

We have created Courses and Education Learning Objects that can be imported into an Array of Learning Management Systems.

ASDA Driver Training eLearning CoursesHMH Course and framework developmentDevelopment of an elearning app for samsung employeesDevelopment of elearning course portal

Complex Learning Object Development

If you are intending to create complex interactive digital learning course objects to suit the curriculum of a designated lesson structure, then the Impelo is perfect for your needs. It allows collaboration and reuse of interactive objects ensuring production engineers can work efficiently. The Impelo framework is the underlying framework used by a new ePublishing product Impela to be launched towards the end of 2017.

KS2 Science elearning application development ObjectGeography A Level elearning application development Object

Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems and standards adopted by our eLearning products include compliance with IMS Global (2001) IMS Question & Test Interoperability® Specification or the IMS Global (2001) Common Cartridge, Rustici Software (2013) TinCan API (Experience API) or the International Digital Publishing Form (2014) EPub3 Standard. The reach is to give products the capacity for deployment on as many Learning Management Systems as possible.

These systems would include the most popular and diversely used such as Moodle, Blackboard, Angel, Desire2Learn and Sakai but our targets are any system which conforms to the industries adopted standards. We are currently undergoing research and development in the Standards conformity and framework adoption for Digital eLearning Products, the complexity of standards and robust solutions for adoption.

Media Production

We can always provide the capacity to ramp teams up to support the production of content and learning application object collections however we do adopt a less is more approach always managing the resources efficiently to help keep costs down. We believe that the speed, efficiency, dedication and quality of our eLearning products cannot be rivalled.

As with our company practices, eLearning products and applications would be built in a strictly Agile fashion, we understand however that large publishing companies have the need for fixed deadlines and product deliveries to support adoption cycles and product selection by educational bodies. We will provide the right number of personnel to ensure the production of all Learning Elements for the project are completed swiftly and to specifications.

Call Us to Discuss

Speak with one of our consultants to discuss the type of educational eLearning applications and products we can build and the formats to which we can distribute these products.

Some of our Work

We have created Courses and Education Learning Objects that can be imported into an Array of Learning Management Systems.

Literature eLearning application developed for US SchoolseLearning development for Math curriculum using MathJaxScience eLearning solution for schoolsLiterature learning object collections exampleLearning Object tutorials with extensive interactionsInteractive Ed Animation for Copperfield CommunicationsMissing eLearning application for corporate trainingPensions and Me an Interactive video application for Copperfield CommunicationsQuiz multiple choice game using instructional design for Copperfield Communicationsdigital learning interactive video application for Copperfield Communicationslearning application for A Level GeographyScience KS2 e learning solutions example

eBooks & Interactions

For projects that require alternate methods for course deliveries such as eBooks Readers we can create industry standard EPUB 3 books which feature extensive user interactivities, assessments and more..

The book formats we publish will be accessible to all common readers although some readers have different levels of interaction and scripting support.