Development Practices

Adhering To
Industry Best Practices

Highly experienced designers and developers at your disposal, market rates with no agency fees, helping you meet your project deadlines with ease.



We utilize Agile development strategies with planned sprints and rapid feature development.



Our applications are modular and scalable allowing additional features added with ease.



We understand the project specifications can change throughout the development lifecycle and are happy to accommodate these.



Reliability and performance are paramount to the deployment of our applications.

Working to the Industry standards and best practices, delivering high performing and high quality products

What Are our Practices

The Standards and practices we adopt define who we are and what we create, code is art, and art is beautiful therefore code is beautiful. Below are some of the practices and standards we adopt for our production and development cycles.

Agile Development

At AV Digital we build applications in an Agile manor, this in short meaning there are rapid prototype iterations, weekly or fortnightly sprints, cycles for QA and Daily Scrums, keeping efficient communication within all project groups. We use industry standard tools such as GIT (Bitbucket Server in house), JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins and other utilities to manage the project code and documentation.

MS Teams communication toolJIRA Task and Bug Tracking toolSlack team file sharing and chat toolTrello story and tracking toolGit code version controlBitbucket code version control softwareGitHub code version control softwareGitLab code version control software
Continuous Integration

With the sprint structure pre-defined prior to the project start up, we can plan for and implement continuous integration of new product features and releases.

Grunt task runnerJenkins continuous integration and deploymentWebpack module bundling framework
Unit Testing

All of our production code is Unit tested, meaning we write code to test our application code, does it function as expected, is there any anomalous behaviour, this falls into the practice of Test Driven Development, however at AV Digital we have implemented more of a Cross over into Development Driven Testing, for JavaScript and PHP we have developed internal frameworks for testing as A.I.M Library files. For Ruby we use the internal Gems testing utilities, ActionScript requires AS Unit, and similarly other languages provide other facilities and tools to aid code testing.

Jasmine Behaviour Driven TestingJest Unit Testing frameworkKarma unit testing frameworkMocha and Chai Unit testing frameworks
Linting and Code Standards

Our code is art but it's not abstract nor surreal, we inflict strict practices and standards on our developers to ensure the output of our production code is consistent and to pre-defined standards, our code is heavily commented to guide alternate project developers when taking over internally projects we deliver to companies, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, CSS, HTML where applicable comply with the W3C standards, validation tools and utilities are used for other languages.

Eslint Javascript code quality
Quality Assurance Testing

We ensure that our products are tested with the maximum number of device and browser coverage to ensure we capture any potential issues. For web based downloadable sites and applications we undergo rigorous speed testing, read more about the development speed testing web undertake.

Learning Media Standards

We can provide products to support the following eLearning standards for application development, packaging and deployment across Learning Management Systems:
IMS Global (2001) IMS Question & Test Interoperability® Specification
IMS Global (2001) Common Cartridge
Rustici Software (2013) TinCan API (Experience API)
International Digital Publishing Form (2014) EPub3

Scorm elearning standardTin Can API standardWorld Wide Web Consortium standards
Working Closely with Clients

At every stage of our design and development projects we work together with clients to ensure that at the end of every delivery phase your expectations are met. We plan an break the project down into relative phases encompassing the required technical task when developing allowing features sign off at every phase end. Our designer will work closely with you to gauge preferences and the nature of what appeals to your aspirations.

If you have general questions about our design and development services please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.