Website Speed Testing

Website Speed Testing

Website speed testing using lighthouse
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Author:  N. Stratis

Ensuring a fast delivery of any website is crucial to the success of the site in reaching its audience, our builds are validate to ensure swift download times.

Don't keep your users waiting with a slow performing website

Web sites and applications undergo various speed testing and performance evaluations using some of the industry's most prominent tools.

When measuring memory usage and execution speeds Google Chrome and Firefox browser are both equipped with profiling utilities to allow performance to be measured using snap shots. This allows our developer to ensure then are no memory leaks or speed hindering execution speeds.

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Measuring Download Speeds

Page download speed is critical for enforcing user interaction, we test are pages and applications using various tools such, these provide valuable insight however generally the performance testing based on emulation and algorithmic assessment. Generally targeting no less than 90/100 all web sites produced are fast loading and fully optimized.

Pingdom & Insights

Pingdom offers informative speed testing and more measured load times providing valuable estimates, certain values collated by the Pingdom processor are from the Google insights tool which is another useful tool for load testing a web site.

Pindom performance evaluation for website

Ultimately in each instance the quality of performance on both desktop and mobile devices are measured allowing for reasonable assessment of how the development builds will perform.

Google Insights mobile performance evaluation for website

Google Insights offer results based on the device type and a screen shot for both views.

Google insights desktop performance evaluation for website
Only Insights

Nothing however compares to testing on actual devices over both 3G and 4G networks, given network considerations are paramount when developing scalable robust websites and applications that are delivered over the internet. The result provided by tools such as Pingdom and Google Insights whilst extremely useful is still only an insight to performance.

Not always 100 isn't Bad!

The result provided by tools such as Pingdom and Google Insights whilst extremely useful do not necessary take into the complex structure of certain web platforms and the varied conditions they are deployed under. Reaching 100 percent performance grading may not always be achievable and is not necessarily a sign of poor development strategies.

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